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Goal Setting

8 questions to ensure goal setting to your measure

Yes, it is that time of year again. End of Year, making new resolution and setting (new) goals. Let us take a bit of a closer look into Goal Setting that might help you out putting your New Year’s resolution together. Happy Holidays! Are You Setting the Right Goals for Yourself? There is a lot…
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Quick Guide to Job Interview Questions

The other day I had a adolescent contacting me to train him for his first job interview. His father is a former executive coaching client of mine and referred him to me. The “kid” (23 years old) is actually a very intelligent young potential. He had a Master in Biochemistry and can show a finishing with…
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Questions you should ask before starting to improve your life

This post is especially for those wondering (as most of the people coming up to me for advise do) where you should start “changing” things in your life to improve life, to feel more comfortable, experiencing emotional stability or having a vision in your head about your goals in your life. Where to start? Thinking about…
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