Nowadays we are in a changing world with regards to the status of employee’s contract contracts. Companies are looking into specific skills and can not always afford to have a full time employee on the payroll, hence they are looking for independent contractors, whom often are self-employed individuals. Next to that the possibilities nowadays to start your own business are inexhaustible.

More and more people see this opportunity and want to change their current job status and work for themselves, but they have a lot of erroneous ideas about what that will be like. Let’s go over some of the myths and set them straight. This is by no means to dissuade you, but instead to help you make a good choice for yourself and your family with your eyes wide open.

It Costs a Lot of Money to Get Started

In all honestly, you can start a business with very little money. But, you will need to be willing to spend something. You can easily start a small online business for fewer than 100 dollars , which is next to nothing in the overall scheme of things. Of course, if you want to start a bricks and mortar business, it will cost more, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. For example, if you start a restaurant, you can get used equipment if you take your time sourcing the equipment. A quick online search will give you a lot of places and opportunities to procure very good used equipment in a lot of different niches, that will not break the bank. Don’t let money get in your way.

Introverts Can’t Be Successful

Surely by now you know this one is not true. Look at the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, may be one of the most famous introverts of all. He basically created a communication tools for other introverts. With the advent of social media, introverts can become very successful entrepreneurs, too.

You Need Extraordinary Talent

There are many examples of talented failures. You may even know some. Amy Grant is an American singer and song writer who is worth over 55 million dollars. She once joked about the fact she had very little talent as a singer, but she took her “three octaves” and went for it. How can you take what you have and go for it?

Starting a Business is Easy

It’s not easy if you are doing it right. You need to study the market, your competition, and your own skills and figure out how to go about it correctly with the right product or service that is something wanted and needed.

Good Products/ Services Mean Success

Even if you have great products and services, if you don’t then follow through and market so that you can get the word out, you will still not be successful. There is no “build it and they will come” in the business world.

My Schedule is All Mine

Well yes, but no. That isn’t happening. Let go of the idea of balance, at least in the beginning of your business startup. Instead, realize that you can juggle things enough so that you won’t miss little Jonny’s recital, but you will have to work late to make up for it.

I Need to Do it All Myself

Make it happen
Make it happen

If you go in with this idea, you’re going to quickly get overwhelmed and then miss out on opportunities to innovate and create value – these are the main jobs of any successful self-employed entrepreneur.

More Is Always Better

Many times when a new entrepreneur starts out they make a mistake trying to be everything to everyone. Remember, niching down is imperative and this includes choosing a well-defined niche audience and distinct products and services expressly for them.

Final Thought

Let go of these myths and focus on the things that are most important for every entrepreneur. That’s recognizing opportunities, identifying innovation and creating value for your audience.

Have a conscious day!!

Filip De Pessemier