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How to look after your brain!

As we age, many of us will expect to become more forgetful. What we might not realize though is that we can also expect to see our IQ diminish. ‘Fluid intelligence’ (the ability to wrestle with an abstract concept and produce a useful answer) is negatively correlated with age, meaning that the older we become,…
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Have a vision & use your competition

Last week I was invited by a Belgian consultancy company to participate in a full day workshop whereby everybody was assessed regarding one’s behavior profile within a professional setting. I was lucky to have the chance to interact with a lot of peers and it inspired me for this post to share a couple of…
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Skill for Entrepreneurs

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about becoming self-employed and turn yourself into an entrepreneur. I received a couple of questions about my opinion on what skills one would need to have or develop to become successful. Of course there is no unified way towards being a successful entrepreneur, however I would like…
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