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Self-Employment Myths

Top 10 of Self Employed Myths

Nowadays we are in a changing world with regards to the status of employee’s contract contracts. Companies are looking into specific skills and can not always afford to have a full time employee on the payroll, hence they are looking for independent contractors, whom often are self-employed individuals. Next to that the possibilities nowadays to…
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Improve your life by changing your thinking

Improve by Thinking You really can improve your life by changing the way you think. If you perceive that your life is in a ditch and you think it’s because of all the negativity, it probably is. There are many ways that you can work to change your thinking process and concentrate on the positive…
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3 quarters remain not to fail!

Yes, indeed, only one third of the year lies behind us. This means that another three quarters of the year is still ahead. So the majority of the year is still available to live up to your promises, good intentions or New Year’s Resolution or how not to fail this year’s promises…