Category: self-improvement

Have a vision & use your competition

Last week I was invited by a Belgian consultancy company to participate in a full day workshop whereby everybody was assessed regarding one’s behavior profile within a professional setting. I was lucky to have the chance to interact with a lot of peers and it inspired me for this post to share a couple of…
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Improve your life by changing your thinking

Improve by Thinking You really can improve your life by changing the way you think. If you perceive that your life is in a ditch and you think it’s because of all the negativity, it probably is. There are many ways that you can work to change your thinking process and concentrate on the positive…
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9 ways to beat procrastination

After my post last January about Time wasters. I had a phone conversation with a dear friend of mine who complained about a lack of energy and suffering from fatigue. One of the issues that came up was that putting off tasks or stuff at hand or not finishing trough became a real kind of…
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