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Have a vision & use your competition

Last week I was invited by a Belgian consultancy company to participate in a full day workshop whereby everybody was assessed regarding one’s behavior profile within a professional setting. I was lucky to have the chance to interact with a lot of peers and it inspired me for this post to share a couple of…
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Skill for Entrepreneurs

A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about becoming self-employed and turn yourself into an entrepreneur. I received a couple of questions about my opinion on what skills one would need to have or develop to become successful. Of course there is no unified way towards being a successful entrepreneur, however I would like…
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Self-Employment Myths

Top 10 of Self Employed Myths

Nowadays we are in a changing world with regards to the status of employee’s contract contracts. Companies are looking into specific skills and can not always afford to have a full time employee on the payroll, hence they are looking for independent contractors, whom often are self-employed individuals. Next to that the possibilities nowadays to…
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