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Can Hypnosis boost Confidence?

Can Hypnosis Help Boost Confidence and Self-Esteem? I am writing this blog post while I am preparing for my trip to the hypnosis convention next week in Las Vegas. Taking a look at the program, I see a lot of masterclasses and specialization tracks tailored towards the more seasoned hypnotherapist, which makes these conventions interesting…
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Quit Smoking

Why You Need to Stop Smoking Today?

Why You Need to Stop Smoking Today? It is still one of the most solicited subjects when people hear about my hypnosis skills. Do you do smoking cessation? Can you make me stop smoking? This led me into thinking having an article about stop smoking on this blog as after all, getting more healthy is…
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New Year’s Resolution: 5 reasons to wait or put on hold.

With the New Year just behind us, you may have been making your New Year’s resolution. This is good, but did you know that you do not have to? Some experts encourage you to wait. Yes, some do actually do. Why is that? Why waiting with your New year’s resolution pays off! 1 – New…
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