Why You Need to Stop Smoking Today?

Quit Smoking

Stop Smoking

It is still one of the most solicited subjects when people hear about my hypnosis skills. Do you do smoking cessation? Can you make me stop smoking? This led me into thinking having an article about stop smoking on this blog as after all, getting more healthy is life improvement as well.

Stop Smoking is always a benefit in the long run

We want what we want and we want to see the results now – not in ten minutes, not in a week or a month or a year. When we take on long-term projects regarding our health, results happen in small increments, but the pay off is huge. Quitting smoking is the one thing you can do for your body that pays off in both short-term and long-term benefits. But here’s why you need to stop smoking today. First, whatever we put off until tomorrow, usually never begins. Tomorrow’s diet never starts and tomorrow’s stop smoking plan doesn’t get off the ground.

Your body is a mean health machine!

You might not feel like quitting now – but feelings always follow positive actions. You might have had difficulty quitting smoking before, because you aren’t aware of what goes on, the moment you light up that cigarette.

The minute you light up, you breathe in man-made chemicals containing some of the same ingredients found in pesticides. You breathe in the same chemicals that can lead to cancer development. Did you ever wonder why you sometimes cough after smoking? That’s because your body’s defense mechanism is trying desperately to get rid of the chemicals from that cigarette. These chemicals try to suppress your immune system. In other words, they fight back against your body’s natural instincts. Your body is fighting to save your health – and ultimately your life – whereas the chemicals suppress this natural ability.

I can not stop smoking, can I?

Cigarettes are also designed to create an addiction to the product through the nicotine contained in the chemicals and when you smoke a lot you will get addicted to that. That is why quitting can be tough. It’s not necessarily that you’re lazy or have no willpower, you actually might be fighting back against an addictive substance. But that is not all that their is to it… You developed a very bad habit and you need to uninstall that pattern in your brain.

Your friend’s sound advice

If a friend told you to melt some tar so he could inject it directly into your lungs, you would be astonished at such an idea! You would refuse, not daring to risk your health – yet by smoking, tar is going into your body and taking up residence in your lungs with each cigarette. What do you think happens when there’s more tar than lung room? You can’t breathe normally. No matter how much oxygen you try to take in, when your lungs are already full, there’s no room left for the optimal amount of oxygen.

No matter how cool the package of cigarettes looks, the results of smoking are not enticing. You may have heard plenty of warnings about the dangers of smoking, but don’t take just anyone’s word for it. Research each of the ingredients listed on cigarettes and see exactly what’s going into your body.

Get help stop smoking now!

You deserve more than struggling to breathe, having a low libido and spending the best years of your life battling back against cigarette related disease and cancer. Stop smoking today and take control of your health for good. So go out and find a therapist that can assist you and do yourself and your health a favour. Starting to stop today, defenitely ensures a more comfortable future.

Alternatively, if you can not find somebody in your area, you can contact me for a stop stop smoking session. If you would not live nearby, I do offer sessions by Skype and the likes as well. Make your appointment through phone or email now through Mindcoach.

Have a conscious day!

Filip De Pessemier