About us

Filip De PessemierThe life improvement boot camp was originally started by Filip De Pessemier, he lives in Belgium. His mother tongue is Flemish, which is pretty close to Dutch. For anyone interested in Geography, He lives in the Northern part, the Flemish District at about 80 km (50 miles)  South-East from Bruges, 27 km (17 miles) South from Ghent and 56 km (35 miles) West from Brussels.

He has a background education in IT and later studied Psychology. He has been a consultant for over 16 years now but most of the people who know him refer to him as an entrepreneur. He started out in a niche called ITIL, which is a methodology often used to guide Service Management practices, back in the late Nineties. Slowly but steadily he earned his certificates to become an “ITIL expert”. However, while working as a Business Consultant or Service manager, converting the world from the 3 P’s (People, Processes and Products) paradigm into a Service Delivery approach and mindset, he gradually moved towards the people side of the equation. Afterall, no methodology, no technology, no process, no product, nor company has any value without the interaction of People.

Mind CoachFor years now he is mainly into “the people” business. In 2004 he started a Personal & Executive coaching company which was branded MindCoach. In 2010 he co-130b379founded the company “Begrip” together with Pieter Hoekstra. He has been developing seminars and trainings about behavior in general and foremost  with a twist towards people getting a genuine good feeling about themselves, their purpose and their goals. As a skilled and trained NLP trainer, practitioner and coach of the Society of NLP he founded the Brain transformation Institute which became a think tank on defining ways to help people in re-wiring their brain to become more impact full on their daily activities when desired. Adding skills to a persons available portfolio or latent knowledge base became another highly in demand request from his customers. The answer to that was the Skill Perfection Academy. Being most of the time in Mortar and Bricks and in the off-line business, he moved gradually towards online presence so more people could benefit and be inspired by his approach. He got lucky to meet great internet marketeers at speaker events, that inspired and convinced him to follow that route. Still a bit shy towards the “unknown” listener or reader he continues to address concerns on a personal, professional  or organizational level on seminars or speaking events. Please do join him as you certainly will benefit and genuinely improve your life. He sure impacted mine.

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