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The Fine Art of Mentoring

Last week I was a panel member at a meetup about Change Management and one of the topics that came up was the business of implementing a Mentoring program after an Organizational change. Apparently the perception in this group was that a Mentoring program is a big giant threatening monster…!?! Mentoring does not have to…
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9 ways to beat procrastination

After my post last January about Time wasters. I had a phone conversation with a dear friend of mine who complained about a lack of energy and suffering from fatigue. One of the issues that came up was that putting off tasks or stuff at hand or not finishing trough became a real kind of…
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How to overcome intimidation?

Overcoming Intimidation Recently I was triggered by a situation that I observed at one of the organizations I consulted with. It inspired me to write todays contribution about Intimidation. Intimidation can happen everywhere, in all walks of life and can occur in any age group. Being intimidated by someone is a form of being bullied,…
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