Since we covered the Boot Camp part of the Life Improvement Boot Camp blog in my previous post, I promised to come back on the Life improvement.

What is Life?

Life ImprovementAs I could fill a whole blog post about what is life from a semantic point of view (which I might do maybe in the future) I am cutting right to the chase here about the meaning in this particular case or rather what I want you to understand about what I mean when I talk about life in the blog post title. Honestly, it is about you! Your life, your perception, your labelling about what it is, what life means to you. It could be related to your personal or professional life in different areas, topics and levels. It could be about your relations with your partner, children, parents, friends, your boss, subordinates, peers, suppliers or customers. It can be about practical daily routines as well as getting a more detailed skilled approach to certain challenges you might face. It can even be spiritual. As I mentioned above, it is about you. Your Life and everything you connect with it, including the elements of nature and most certainly the chemical elements in your body and more in particular, your brain. I am a very strong believer of the importance on how you interact with your brain and its impulses. You will see and feel in the course of the coming weeks and months that whatever you do (or don’t) will always be connected to a state of mind. While we will talk about several skills, tools and techniques that address “life improvement”, you will experience for yourself that the better you can control your state of mind, the easier you will feel in learning new skills or getting the things done with the right focus and attitude.

What about improvement?

philosophy life improvementIt is all about change. But hold on! Why would you change? Almost a decade ago I was at a seminar co-training with Richard Bandler in the States, were I had a conversation with a Dutch guy (to be honest, I had a lot of conversations with him). He later became a friend and a very respective colleague in counselling. We had been talking about changing peoples’ life and creating life altering experiences and so on. At some point he suddenly raises the point that he does not want to change his life because he loves the life he has. After giving it some thought it suddenly daunted to me: it was about semantics and the perception he had of changing life. In his perception, changing life could also mean replacing it with something worse instead of changing it to something better. So when I rephrased the question into: ‘Would you like to improve your life?’ he had a bit of a “brain freeze”. I continued: ‘Alter your life into something better, in any area, hence change it towards something better’.
Oh boy, that got accepted right away. Since that moment I am not talking anymore about changing life on a personal level nor change management in a professional environment, but boldly call it life improvement or “moving people to solution state”. Ideally a state desired by the individual or the organization.

Life Improvement Boot Camp

So back to the Life Improvement Boot Camp. You will be finding hints, thoughts, reflections, references and links towards information in general or hands on tools you can use to improve your life. Just a small word of advice to close this post: the only difference between stagnation and progress/improvement is action! So don’t hesitate… read and implement right now.
Have a conscious day!