Say What?

I have been asked a couple of times over the past few weeks, how I came up with the name for this blog site and I would like to take the opportunity to elaborate a bit on the matter. I would like to start with the tail word: Boot camp.

Definitions of Boot Camp:

If we would take a look into the English dictionary, it throws back a couple of different meanings or usages for the word boot camp.

  1. A training camp for military recruits mostly guided towards a professional Military career.

    Recrutes in Practice

    Military Boot Camp

  2. A correctional method, usually applied to youthful offenders, that employs strict disciplinary techniques and rigorous physical training analogous to those used with military recruits with the purpose to reintegrate an individual, which is suffering of derailed values, back into regular society.
  3. An intensive training program, as for improving one’s physical fitness or skills in a particular subject area.

So which description fits the Life Improvement Boot Camp the best? None of the above. One might actually wonder if it was even a good choice to begin with :-).

Did I make the right choice?

Using the word boot camp, in this case, surely does not refer to a military compound or anything similar for that matter, nor does it relate to a correctional facility in the strict meaning as mentioned above. However, you will experience that some form of discipline is needed when you’re sincerely and truthfully looking for ways to improve your life. In my experience the first line of discipline you need to have implemented is being truthful to yourself. I will come back to that later.

profielgezichtwijflevraagtekenSo tackling the 2 first options leaves us with the third explanation: a boot camp is an intensive training program… That definition of boot camp suits more or less the intention I have with this blog. The intensive part of that definition is actual completely up to you. As long as you act upon what your read I’m fine with it. How intense you are doing it will heavily depend upon your personal preferences, desires, goals and already established skill level on the different topics we are going to handle.

So far we covered the Boot Camp part, no we are left with the Life Improvement part of the blog title. Well let me take you through that journey in my next blog post.

Have a conscious day!