Showing a dynamic personality

Dynamic personality

Dynamic personality

In my coaching/consulting activities I not only encounter executives, but I am often lucky (due to my nature, I guess) to meet with a lot of the actual owners of the companies who hire me or who I interact with. Might that be small or medium business owners, or important investors in large companies, I am always stunned by the similarities I detect. I am saying this often, even in my public talks or keynotes, but that is because I can’t emphasize enough the importance of knowing what makes people do what they do while improving their life and becoming more successful.

If I would be writing a cookbook and I would look at their habits and/or skills like it were ingredients, I would have these ingredients listed under the ‘Develop Dynamic Personality recipe’ and it would be definitely in the main course section.

Develop the attitude of a dynamic personality

Your attitude not only defines who you are but also your stance and abilities in life. That is why all top of the line business owners are those who have been paying attention to not only physical, mental and social prowess, but also payed attention to developing the right attitude, with regards to the nature of success and achievement and the need to achieve something in life.

Let us take a look at those primary ingredients for developing a dynamic personality for your perusal.

  1. Powerful need to achieve — This quality is not the entrepreneur’s quantitative success score card about how much has been done. Neither is this just about gaining popularity through success. It is the basic need to do something in life to make it worthwhile to oneself and gain self respect in the eyes of others.
  2. Perseverance — Getting an inspiration, no matter how vague, and standing by it to see the resultant end through is a primary characteristic of their success story. This never-admit-defeat and always-be-determined aspect is the most defined stamp of a dynamic personality.
  3. Positive mental attitude —There is nothing that speaks of success in a person more than his optimistic mindset. Every successful person has to endure hard times and challenges and this is the time when his optimism carries him forth.
  4. Objectivity — Knowing oneself, knowing ones’ shortcomings and carrying on accordingly, without getting emotionally affected is also a must have quality in a successful person. This will not only enable him to assess the pros and cons of a certain move mater of fact, but will also enable him to, without personal involvement, stand by or discard a project according to its qualities.
  5. Foresight — They all developed a gift of vision. This vision is not the divine or spiritual vision but the gift of anticipation and foresight. This quality, if possessed, allows a person to always be on guard and aware of all possible occurrences where business is concerned.
  6. Well-developed personal relations skills — You are nothing without your clients and partners in any business venture. That is why being a people person, without over involvement, is absolutely crucial for any successful business man.
  7. Strong communication skills — You have ideas and you need to convey them to others to make them a reality. But conveying does not mean that it will be accepted, so convincing has to be added to it. This is why the ability to communicate confidently, both on pen and paper and by word of mouth is extremely important.
  8. Resourcefulness — Instinctive ability to foresee problems and solve them, even though it is a never-heard-of-before-kind, is also a quality of the successful man. It hints at the ability of being aware and draw inspiration from immediate surroundings to deal with the matter at hand.
  9. Technical knowledge — The know-how of your field, be it the technical aspect or the economic, is extremely important for a business owner. This will enable him/her to be ahead of all situations and deal with possible problems in a well rounded manner.
  10. A respectful attitude towards money — The ability to not equate money with success but with the means to do something worthwhile is very important. This ensures that the successful man remains more than a mercenary at the end of the day and still appreciates the value of hard work and diligence.

As with all recipes and general rules in cooking, you might add your personal touch and you will rarely find the same meal cooked with the same ingredients. Also, the ingredients for a dynamic personality are there and can be found with all those successful business owners. However, the exact measurement on how many teaspoons they added of each ingredients or sequence they used to mix it all together in their own DDD recipe, makes them truly unique, but never less successful.

So, there you have it in a nutshell. The qualities that make somebody a living success story…do you have it in you to be one? Get into that kitchen and start cooking that life improvement meal!!

Have a conscious day!

Filip De Pessemier