Sky Is the limit infographic

Sky Is the limit infographic

The sky is the limit is an often-heard expression in the self-development world. You more or less can accomplish anything you set your mind to. I want to nuance this expression a bit. In my opinion, “The sky is the limit” is a far to general way to express what you are capable of and it does not really point out the importance of what really matters in reaching your goals. The sky is not the limit, the sky really is your limit. Meaning you are most of the time the one limiting the possibilities, heck, why should you settle with the sky being the limit? Reach out beyond, but make it tangible, see it in “your mind’s eye” and it will become even more reachable. Following a few simple steps, you are able to accomplish more than you anticipated at first. The key to this success is being absolutely committed to achieving what it is you want. Setting up your mind to take whatever steps needed to accomplish what you want, meanwhile changing your everyday approach, and sticking to this new approach until you achieve what you want. The steps are relatively easy to follow and changes can be made easily to determine your success in anything that you want to achieve in life. Remember, if you want something to change and until now were not successful, stop doing what you are doing and change that. Chances are your success rate will go up in achieving your “sky”. Let’s take a closer look at the above steps.

The sky is the limit through commitment

You should take positive action and decide exactly what it is you wish to achieve and set your goal. Once you have set your mind on what you want, you should go into it with utter conviction and commitment. When you are planning and setting out your goal, you must have firm conviction that you will achieve your goal whatever it takes. You should visualize your goal from beginning to end and see yourself achieving whatever it is you set out do. Write it down, make a vision board, talk about it with friends, family or whomever that can support you in your goal. You might even help them understand, what “the sky is the limit” really is all about.

Take whatever steps are needed

Once you have decided to go for it and have made the commitment, then the next step is to start taking action towards reaching your goal. Taking the first step is actually the hardest part, because it means going out there and actually doing something. Thinking about what it is you have to do, is the easy part, as is saying you are committed to do it. Doing it means facing the unknown and putting your plan into action and this stage is very often where most people fail, because fear stops us from moving forward. Do not fall into that trap!

“Commitment is the bridge between thoughts and action”.

Stick with it

When you have made the commitment and taken the plunge into making your dream or goal a reality, you have to have perseverance and be willing to change your approach until you finally reach your desired goal. Depending on what it is that you set out to do, it could take some time, but it is essential that you stay as committed to seeing the project through as when you first started out. Do not let your focus dilute, make it your thing! It can help to keep a journal of your project from start to finish. This way you are able to see how far you have come and keep your mind focused on the outcome you wish to achieve. Life has many unexpected quirks and can throw anything at us, so it is important that you continue pushing yourself through any unexpected hard times continually onwards towards your goal. Once again, fear is the main problem and the biggest reason why most people fail to achieve and give up what they set out to do. If you give in to fear, it will only continue to put bigger blocks in your way until eventually it overcomes you and you give in. Step over the hurdles and stick with your action steps on the way to your goal.

Take accountability 

Make yourself accountable for your results. It might help that you get an accountability partner. That person can be a professional coach or a good friend you trust, however it should be somebody who is not afraid to point out your responsibilities and keeps you honest and challenges you on your progress. Your sky really is your limit, if you attempt to set out to accomplish with perseverance and determination to overcome anything that is thrown onto your path, take responsibility and accountability and foremost, take action!


Sticking to the existing concept “The sky is the limit” and what it really means “anything is possible” as long as you really have the desire and commit to do it, you and I know now that you don’t have to settle for less.

Have a conscious day!!