After my last post on positive self-talk, whereby I mentioned the use of positive affirmations, I got some requests on expanding a bit on the positive affirmation subject.

Positive affirmations

Positive Affirmation Reminder

Positive Affirmation Reminder

I could not repeat myself enough: “Having a positive attitude is the key to being happy and leading a successful life”. Our thoughts play a huge role in how we feel and positive thinking leads to becoming a confident person, happy in life, while negativity leads to low self-esteem and you missing out on so much in your life. We so often talk ourselves out of things without even realising we are doing so. Every day hundreds of negative thoughts drift freely through our mind. We put ourselves down too much and sow the seeds of doubt. Using positive affirmations is a small simple tool you can use throughout the day to help to change these negative thoughts and instil a more positive way of thinking; using daily positive affirmations can change your life drastically for the better. They can make you feel more confident, more aware, more sure of yourself and change your life in many more aspects for the better. You might not have the tail feathers of a peacock to remind you how beautiful, unique or good you are, but you do have for sure a magnificent brain to remind you about having the right thoughts and develop the attitude.

What are positive affirmations?

Positive affirmations can be used throughout the day anywhere and at any time you need them or desire to use them. The more you use them the easier positive thoughts will take over negative ones and you will see benefits happening in your life. An affirmation is a simple technique that is used to change negative self-talk, which we are rarely even aware of doing, into looking at your life with a more positive attitude. Most of us have for many years bombarded ourselves with negative thoughts, so changing your thoughts and the way you think won’t happen overnight. If you stick with affirmations, they will work once you have retrained your way of thinking. There are many different affirmation techniques for dealing with different situations in life and I listed the ones I have been using myself or that I have taught and known to produce the desired results.

The mirror technique

This technique helps you to appreciate yourself and develop self-awareness and self-esteem. You should stand in front of a mirror, preferably a full length one, in either just your underwear or better still naked. Start at your head and, working down your body, say out loud what it is you like about areas of your body. For example you could say: “I like the way my hair shines, the slight differences in color where the light hits it” or “My eyes are a lovely shade of… They sparkle and glint; my eyes are a wonderful feature”. Take the time and go slowly over all your body building up a more positive image of yourself.

The anywhere technique

This technique can be used anywhere and whenever you catch yourself thinking a negative thought. When you realize you are having a negative thought, think of yourself turning down a volume knob inside your head till you turn it down low enough so you can’t hear it any longer. Then think a positive affirmation to replace the negative and turn the volume back up repeating it to yourself.

The trashcan technique

If you have negative thoughts write them down on a scrap of paper, screw the paper up into a ball and throw it into the trashcan. By doing this you are telling yourself these thoughts are nothing but rubbish and that’s where they belong.

The meditation technique

Find somewhere quiet where you are able to relax for 5 or 10 minutes. Close your eyes and let your mind empty of all thoughts and feelings. Begin to repeat your affirmation to yourself over and over again while concentrating on the words you are repeating and believe in what you are saying.

The flash cards technique

Whenever a negative thought or pattern develops in your mind write it down in the opposite way and turn it into a flash card. For example, you might be nervous for a job interview and are thinking about failing the answers or the interview. Write down: “I feel confident about the interview and I will represent myself flawlessly with the appropriate intensity and knowledge”. Put it on a card and read it whenever you feel like it. You could use this technique for far more structural changes or improvements as in: “I will feel confident and relaxed whenever I am in front of my team”, “I will carefully execute my planned actions, without delay and get an incredible feeling of satisfaction whenever I tick a box done”. Have these cards laminated in your wallet or stuck on your fridge or car windshield

That’s it for today and if for whatever reason you would not feel like applying any of these techniques, just print out the picture of the peacock and like it or not, you will get triggered to think about those positive affirmations. 🙂

As always, have a conscious day!!

Filip De Pessemier