overcoming fears

overcoming fears

Overcoming fears by getting help

In my coaching activities, I often encounter people suffering from fears and genuinely looking for a solution for overcoming fears. Fears and phobias are something which can have an effect on anyone to some extent. While most of us can conquer our fear and most fears and phobias are dislikes rather than actual phobias, for some people, fear and phobia can be severely distressing and have a huge impact on their day-to-day living.

Fear and phobias obviously cause negativity and constant negativity gets you down. While some phobias and fear can be deep-seeded, like having a bad experience or strong impressions from childhood, you can interrupt and break the hold it has over you rapidly, if you are willing to reach out for help. There are various methods of help, and the more deeply seeded the fear or phobia, the more likely professional help may be advised in the form of a therapy or hypnotherapy. If the fear is only mild then you may overcome it by using self-help methods. For the sake of the article, I will continue to use fear and phobia and treat them as one, but I cannot emphasize enough that there is a huge difference in just being afraid or worried about something and having a real fear or phobia.

Understanding fears and phobias

In order to be able to conquer fears and phobias, it is essential that you understand them. Fear and phobia simply causes uncomfortable thoughts and feelings when you are placed in certain situations or facing specific things. It can bring feelings such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, a terrible feeling, a tight band of pressure around your head, pains in your chest, a feeling of breathlessness and trembling. These are all feelings we allow ourselves to build up and take over our mind and body. Dispelling fear is a matter of taking back control and putting things into their perspective.

This is the foundation for curing any form of fear or phobia, although if you suffered for many years, it will take sometimes a bit longer for you to “recover”, but recovery is possible and often fast. Phobias and fear are basically exaggerated anxiety, and learning methods and ways to relax is a good start to cure fear and phobias. There are many self-help books, video’s, courses and audio courses, that can help you make a start. Any self-help material designed for dealing with anxiety and stress will help, but there are many specifically aimed at those suffering from fear and phobia.

Benefits of overcoming fears

The benefits of dealing with, and overcoming phobia and fear is immense and those who have recovered and overcome their fears and phobias often describe this as a being reborn again. The world takes on a new meaning when your fears are dispelled. Thinks they thought they would be unable to do are suddenly back in reach. A new positive outlook develops which leads to living a happier and more fulfilled life, you start to feel good about yourself and what you can accomplish in your life, you are finally free to do anything and everything that your heart desires.

Life after overcoming fears

While there might still occasionally be some anxiety for a time when confronted by your fear or phobia, it will be unlike the intense fear that once had you incapacitated and it will diminish further over time. Once you have realized that the key to overcoming these feelings is inside you, the fear you are feeling doesn’t have the same hold on you anymore it once did, and it will eventually give its hold up on you, altogether.

I have seen this happen every single time. Practicing phobia curing techniques will eventually lead to rationalizing your fears and make it easier to live a comfortable life, free from the ‘fear feeling domination’ you once had as a daily habit.

Have a conscious day!