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    My name is Filip De Pessemier, I live in Belgium and I am 44 years old. My mother tongue is Flemish, which is pretty close to Dutch. For anyone interested in Geopgraphy, I live in the Northern part, the Flemish District  at about 80 km (50 miles)  South-East from Bruges, 27 km (17 miles) South from Ghent and 56 km (35 miles) West from Brussels.

  • I have a background education in IT and later studied Psychology. I have been a consultant for over 16 years now but most of the people that know me refer to me as an entrepeneur. I started out in a niche called ITIL, which is a methodology often used to guide Service Management practices, back in the late Nineties. Gradually earning my certificates to become an “ITIL expert”. However, while working as a Business Consultant or Service manager, converting the world from the 3 P’s (People, Processes and Products) paradigm into a Service Delivery approach and mindset, I gradually moved towards the people side of the equasion. Afterall, no methodology, no technology, no process, no product, nor company has any value without the interaction of People.
  • People and their skills, behaviour and challenges, How to communicate effectively? How to feel more confident? How to overcome fear? How to feel generally more satified, secure and happy? That is what has been triggering me all the time. What do we all have in common? What makes us one of a kind?
  • I have been very fortunate in the past two decades, to not only been thaught by exceptionally knowledgable and proficient experts in the field of Sales & Marketing, Human Behaviour and Entrepeneurship, but also been able to coach and work together with this extrodinary breed.
  • I have been accumulating their knowledge, investigated the What, How & Why and tried to tie the knots together, resulting in a lot of scattered knowlegde more or less readily available in my brain. It was only when people started to address my specific behavior, which I developed and was interlocked with my personality, and their perception thereof as being somebody that was happy and successful that it daunted to me. More and more people requested to be thaught by me and asked for my help to become more  confident, to get a better job, to communicate better, to handle things differently, to become happier, feeling more secure, become more focussed clearly seeing the end goal, feeling less stressed and generally more comfortable, that I realized that it was time to sit down and structurally do something with my constant endeavor to grasp all knowledge out there.

I would love you to join me on this journey together as I will share the existing models of leaders and the sometimes adapted versions of methods that proved me right to generally improve once Life.

Hope to see you on one of the workshops, webinars or speaking event.


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Have a conscious day!

Kindest regards,