Depression does not equal feeling down

 depression management

depression management

While the term depression has been so commonly overused that people tend not to take it seriously anymore, it is a very serious condition that could impair one’s life. Experiencing a depression can be very challenging or difficult. It can debilitate one’s normal functions, making even the most mundane tasks such as getting up from bed or eating breakfast seemingly difficult. Hence, I am talking here about a syndrome which almost constantly wears you out and makes you feel empty, overwhelmed, useless or sad for weeks and months. So this is not about the Monday blues or a having the occasional couple of bad days after something impactful happens.

It is sad to think that a lot of depressed individuals are not treated right because of the high costs of therapy or the lack of specialized knowledge of the “professional” they consult. However, coping with real depression should involve descent professional help, you can surely do somethings yourself to support your treatment, and thereby enhance the results you will be getting in beating your “repetitive downness“. This is achieved by applying depression management.

Depression management tips

Here are a few things that can help people deal with depression, again, I want to state that it is important to note however, that professional therapy is still very invaluable with serious depression. These steps are just suggestions for alleviating the condition and to support your treatment.

Stay active

Staying active is one way to take one’s mind off depression. Primarily, activities help distract people from whatever it is that is causing their depression and it also helps channel unspent energies that build up when one is feeling depressed. Keeping active also releases endorphins – natural mood boosters that cheer people up. You can benefit a lot of this “happy hormone”, it will make you feel better overtime.

Rest consciously

It is also important to take a rest. Being depressed can be very exhausting, so it is essential to regain strength and energy if one is dealing with depression. Relaxation techniques can help one to be more tuned in to the self and be more at peace. When resting, stressors should be kept away from the resting place (indeed put your smartphone on airplane mode or at least on silent) so that ample rest can be obtained.

Express emotions

Depressed people should express their emotions. Depression usually results from suppressed emotions. People who are grieving can be prone to depression if they keep their emotion to themselves all the time. It is perfectly normal to cry after a loss of a friend, family member or even a pet. A lot of people avoid crying because they think it might be a sign of weakness. However, it is important to cry because it releases one’s emotions. When expressing feelings, it is important to avoid catharsis – venting up one’s anger by doing something violent like yelling to loved ones, acting aggressive,  breaking or smashing things, and the likes. Catharsis does not release one’s emotion, especially anger. Rather, it makes a person practice violence as an expression of emotion, and thus can be very dangerous and cause bad effect in the long run.


Socialize in the good old fashioned way of the word. It does not mean, be present on social media, but rather get behind of your screen and get out! Hang around with friends and loved ones. Individuals that feel depressed need support very much. Other people can distract you from stressors. People can also remind a depressed individual that there can be more to life, and it is worth living even if it is simply because of the company of wonderful people.

Build up your self-esteem

Lastly, it is important to believe in oneself. A lot of people get depressed because they put themselves down. They keep repeating bad things to themselves in their head that takes them down or makes them afraid.  It is important to satisfy oneself and gain a sense of self-worth. It is good to do something that would make one happy. Prioritizing personal needs, can help to believe that one’s own life is important and can be enjoyed. Being kind to oneself is the most important steps to get away from a depressive state.

Depression management afterthought

Depression management is possible and entails taking charge of one’s self. When dealing with depression however, it is important not to rush. Sadness does not disappear overnight; it takes time to get back somebody back on their feet. Little by little, they can get out of depression and have a normal life once more. The more awareness there is about depression the more likely we can spot people around us that risk getting into that state.

I live in Belgium and apparently to some reports, we are one of the top countries when in comes down to the percentage of population taking anti-depression medecine. Although we have long, wet, dark autumns and winters, we are not the world most depressing country. It is my vast belief that if we become more aware about this syndrome and “help” each other from time to time in the moments of need, instead of immediately stuffing someone full of drugs we might get a brighter day to everyone. After all, it is better to avoid then to cure.

Have a conscious day.

Filip De Pessemier

P.S. as we are very close to the Holidays, it might be the ultimate opportunity to reach out to each other and maybe invite somebody not so close to you during these days. You will probable see a movie or two passing by this week, handling this charity topic. However, if you have the chance to make somebody feel less down, take that chance and it might benefit how you feel as well while sending out that warm message!

Happy holidays!!