Charisma Enhancement

Is there a secret sauce or ingredient to elicit charisma enhancement? Let’s have a loop at some basic tips to not only improve the way people perceive you as a person, but also want to professionally trust you. Some advice ahead though, whichever you implement of these tips, always be congruent & truthful.


Have you noticed a certain kind of radiance and aura surrounding people who are perceived successful and doing well in their lives?

Some people have one particular skill that they tap on for their success while some people have a whole range of plus points that work in their favor in their professional life and beyond. It’s important to identify things that you are good at and concentrate on them and to know how to work them in your favor.

Especially with regards to your professional life, it’s important that you should be doing something that you truly love. If you are not sure about what it is that you really want, don’t be afraid to experiment. Look around. Spend time doing things that you haven’t done before. This will also enable you to discover your strengths, weaknesses and interests.

Skill perfection

Before everything else, you need to identify what a trusted professional means to you. Next, think about what skills makes people in your professional environment trustworthy. There might be specific skills that are required in your niche or specialty to be recognized as a trusted professional.  When identified, evaluate your skill level and brush up if necessary.

Now, apart for the above mentioned specific skills to be recognized as a trusted professional, I want to highlight following general skills that are very well perceived when coming down to be recognizing as a skilled trusted professional.

Largely speaking, there are two areas which people seek to when thinking about a trustworthy person: the personal (relating to friends and family) and professional (relating to your field of work) area. Whether you like it or not, you should be trustworthy in both areas. It comes as a package and some skills are, however intertwined, very useable in both sides of your life.

Control of emotion.

It’s important how you react to and act upon emotions, yours and others. Its important to maintain your cool in all kinds of stress-ridden situations. People who maintain their calm are most likely to make logical decisions and be in control.

Temporary set backs are part of life, no matter what. Learn to take them as an opportunity to benefit from in the future. They are ideal moments to even experiment something new. The key is being very conscious about your feelings and emotions and stopping to be afraid of those moments but rather embrace them while you take full control of your calm.

Be innovative and think out of the box. When faced with a problem, retain your cool and think of all possible ways to tackle it.

Don’t be afraid of your emotions. You might be afraid of doing new things and taking new challenges or pushing yourself to new limits. This would also limit your success. Use your emotions constructively, just, as mentioned earlier, stay in control of them.

Ask questions, when you are not sure about what is happening. It’s important for you to get a clear picture of the happenings before you can even identify the problem and then eventually tackle it. People sometimes think when they are asking questions, they might be perceived as not being knowledgeable, nothing is further from the truth. It would be a huge mistake to think that when you want to become a trusted professional. The curiosity might have killed the cat but it is in this case very good for you.

The last thing people are looking for in somebody trustworthy, is a know-it-all nitwit, who’s not really listening to them and just wants to sell, share or blurt out his/her opinion. Now, remember, while asking those questions, keep your emotions under control, as you do not want to come over as leading or pre-opinionated.


This has nothing to do with the Sony Playstation 🙂 I am referring to the skills Perseverance, Stubbornness and Patience.  If you want to become successful in being a trustworthy person, you need to have all 3 PSP’s in place. Do not give up when having a setback, be persistent in your daily efforts to further perfect your skills and show you are trustworthy. Develop an attitude of healthy stubbornness, meaning, develop your own idea and stick to it if it feels right, at least for a while until you would proof to yourself you need to shift gear or change directions. And, last but not least, execute with patience. Trust is something you build, and you want it to last and not being knocked over at the first windy day. Build a steady foundation and be willing to learn from people around you and keep an open mind. Don’t be afraid to do new things and think beyond the conventional framework as long as you do it from within your integrity, you will become that trusted professional.

Have a conscious day!