Success take off

I am writing this blogpost in the Senator’s Lounge of Terminal-E at the Zurich (Switzerland) airport. I flew in from Brussels and I am waiting for my transfer flight to Antalya (Turkey). Although I have a pretty international lifestyle and client portfolio and spent quite some time on a plane or in an airport lounge, this time around I am sitting here pretty excited, because this time I am flying out for a real holiday, meaning, I do not have a meeting off- or on-line with clients in the coming days. On the flight over I was sitting next to a slightly older man, who was flying to Switzerland for a health vacation as he had respiratory problems. The doctors advised him a cure of “breathing the mountain air”. It was his first time on an airplane and he was pretty nervous. I ensured him there was nothing to worry about and he got distracted from his irrational fear by interacting with me and me responding to his questions. I struck him as being a very successful business man (I was wearing a suit jacket J), and he pitied himself for not being successful in life. The flight only takes just over an hour, so I was not going to enter into a philosophical discussion on the different perceptions of being successful. He, according to him, not being successful, had a “successful” son and a daughter in perfect good health, and a granddaughter who is an international acclaimed violin player (I would definitely proclaim these 3 “productions” which 2 of the 3 he was directly involved as being very successful)–  Anyway, it was not the time nor the place to change his belief system about what being successful is all about, and him , being recent widower, I think he just wanted somebody to talk to and share his feelings. We ended up talking about his health condition and how much it prevented him from being successful in life … Again, him not being successful according to his standards and ways of thinking. After landing and showing him the way to baggage claim, the conversation was still resonating in my mind as I continued my journey.

Definition of success

Independent of the actual definition of being or becoming successful, which is totally personal and is not necessarily related to other people’s perception, the earlier conversation reminded me of a masterclass I once attended that taught “the secrets of true success”. Hey, I was still a young kid back then, what did I now about being successful, regardless I want to share today my perceptions and memories of that seminar.

Success is not for everyone?

It’s a sad aspect of live but not everybody may be successful. In the world we live in, there are winners and those who are less fortunate. Most individuals wish to be in the group of winners but regrettably many remain where they stand. As you well know, being successful is often perceived as to stand above the other people around you or knowing more than the one sitting next to you.

You ought to understand having more success than your colleague or friends requires some investment, investment in yourself. Success doesn’t come free or cheap, you have to pay for it. The price isn’t necessarily monetary but it’s expressed in manners of time and effort, these being precious details that you can’t receive back once you gave them away. Success is difficult. Generally speaking, to be successful you will have to work hard, be educated (albeit through the school of life) and have a little bit of luck. Often you have to attempt many times till you truly reach success.

On the other hand, not being successful is super easy: you just have to make all the wrong choices, you do your work without any ethics, including lack of responsibility. Although it is not obvious the lack of success is a choice, but it is for sure a choice that may be gained on the first attempt …. Remember, there is no failure, only feedback, so make your failure into a success by applying what you just got out of the feedback and take action again.

Success tips

Here is some practical advice on how to be successful which I could remember from back then. But to be honest, they might already be intertwined or “spoiled” by some of my own perceptions and definitions:

  • Develop a purpose in life, produce a plan and go on living by it.
  • Change your behavior and learn courtesy.
  • Always read, forever learn and forever communicate.
  • Think and act fast when faced with a chance or challenge. If you see what you truly want, don’t let any chances pass you by. This one may just be the last you’ll get.
  • Give up foul habits and keep the good ones.
  • Eat well and regularly, get adequate sleep, exercise or at least just go out for a walk.
  • Give up watching too much TV or Netflix, or playing games.
  • Attempt to work more in the shortest possible time period, so stay focused.
  • Keep your sense of humor but do not become unnecessary rude.
  • Treasure everything you have and get.
  • Give your brain the attention it deserves.
  • Discover more, be responsible, study about control and forever stay informed.

To your success!!

Have a conscious day.

Filip De Pessemier