Today, I have something very different. A dear friend of mine and a fellow author & Speaker wrote the below post on his take how you can boost your confidence and self esteem, by developing the right mindset. Please enjoy Richard Saupe’s thoughts.

The action mindset is possibly your biggest challenge but also your biggest ally

You are the product of your self stories, by changing your story, you change your life… there are two types of self stories,  identity  stories & ability stories.

They either help you or hinder you, typically hiding just underneath your carefully structured veneer.

Sooooo which stories are serving you and which are hindering you. lets play a game 🙂

I want you to grab a piece of paper and write down “I AM” 20 times down the margin or side of the paper.

Now just follow through on this identity list and complete the sentence  e.g.;

  • I am Dynamic & a great leader
  • I am bad with women that are attractive to me
  • I am not focused
  • I am a failure
  • I am not good enough
  • I am a good father and getting better
  • I am a great driver(obviously:)

Some of these will be empowering and some will be killers…

My personal journey in self development started with a mentor handing me a book, the book changed my thinking, thus changing my life and my journey.

Maybe if you’re reading this you’re possibly in a place like I was with

  • low self esteem, low confidence
  • depressed or anxious(depending on thoughts)
  • vain (always worrying what others are saying or seeing)
  • feeling like a loser
  • commitment issues,
  • procrastinating all over the place,
  • a mass of shelf development,
  • constant money & month flux (more month than money)
  • never ever completing a task fully
  • a fear of messing up and being laughed at by close peers or worse public ridicule!!!! dun dun DUN!

Then fear no more!

“As I See It”

I have conquered the basics & continue to expand my knowledge in

  • self esteem
  • confidence
  • Money (now financially free)
  • Vanity & insecurity
  • health & vitality
  • relationships & peer pressure
  • business

My World

If I was to pick you up and plonk you to my world, in my surroundings with my social group and share my mindset and my accumulated learnings. you would be a totally different person (for better or for worse)!

Your Brain would rewire(Neuroplasticity: good reading) itself with new beliefs, new dreams and new perspectives utilising your experience and knowledge (nothing goes unused) to become your new Super-self…

At any moment you’re accessing past experiences and emotions to control

  • how you act
  • the way you think
  • how you feel.

Let me take you on a new journey to unleash the greatness that is YOU, the true You, the abundant You, the one not shackled to limiting beliefs and shadow personalities with low self love or even self hate!

If I may,  I would like to teach you my most important lessons and those lessons begin with 5 simple steps!

Yes the NEW YOU  is only 5 steps from being fully engaged in a new experience of life!

Sooooo the 5 steps…. Who wants to know?

Lets get started building your confidence!

step 1

Write down on a sheet of paper all the things that stop you from taking action towards the life you want and on another sheet write all the things that you hate about yourself!

step 2

Write down all the things in life you would do, be and have if nothing  in step one was an issue!

step 3

Number and rephrase everything in your lists from step 1 in the positive expression!

step 4

Add “I AM” .  Creating a positive chant/ statement for each item!

step 5

Go to a secluded place, a field, an empty car park, mountain or even a sound booth, set up a video or sound recorder and first start with reading out loud your statements and with every repetition of the lists get louder and louder do this 5 times

Breathing exercise

Take  a deep abdominal breath with each exclamation of I Am… and read the list out loud and do louder and louder with each repetition again 5 times

I know you loved that so here is some bonus steps

Bonus step 1

Pick your top 5 reframes which resonate the most with your body( the ones you feel best saying)and repeat them 10 times each with passion and enthusiasm and 110% belief in your self!

Richard Saupe

Founder Do Whatever It Takes 🙂

Ps The Book = The Magic of Thinking Big!

Pps, If this exercise is puzzling drop me a message at