From time to time people ask me what would be my ultimate tips on self-improvement. To be honest, I find that a very hard question. It is a very personal thing so there is no such things as the ultimate tips in my opinion. As we were discussing this in our mastermind group earlier this month I responded more or less the above response, however, we got to the metaphor of “having a gun pointed to your head” and you had to come up with the 7 ultimate tips. That is where I came up with the following list with are things I have been doing or am still doing and popped into my mind.  So I would not call them the 7 ultimate tips for self-improvement but 7 great tips for self-improvement, hence the title of this post, and if you are working on your self-improvement, these 7 great tips could be added to your list when applicable deemed necessary 🙂

1. Reduce how much time you spend online.

Some online activities can result in tons of wasted time, which you can spend on better activities. Disable the auto start feature of chat and social media programs and only launch them when you have spare time or you really need to use them. Plan your activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the likes and do not get tempted to check them at unplanned times . Shut down those desktop and smartphone notification. On the other hand, If you have to do research on the Net, do not get carried away with the information overflow and stay focussed on your initial query.

2. Get yourself a coach.

If you want to improve, the fastest way to do so is to have a coach work with you to create your goals. Your coach can help to guide you and help you in feeling accountable. Remember, ultimately it is up to you to make your own decisions.

3. Turn off the television.

It is a very liberating experience to stop watching television or any other entertainment screen for that matter. You’ll free up time that you can use for more constructive purposes like spending time with your good friends, getting more fit or working on your business plan. There is very little that TV actually has to offer that will stimulate your brain. Unless you are looking to set up your own drug lab and created your own cartel, then you could benefit of binge watching “Breaking Bad” or “Marcos” on Netflix 🙂 You should plan these entertainments rather then developing it into a habit because you can not think or are aware of the alternatives.

4. Develop a new skill.

Learn something completely new. I can be a new hobby, a new physical or intelectual skill. In any case it is a great way to learn how to create strategies and how to sharpen your brainpower. Ideally you will have a little fun while you exercise and train your brain and install these new strategies as habits while you practice your new skills and put them in to practice.

5. Start a 30-day challenge.

Set a goal for yourself and then allow 30 days for you to achieve it. It does not matter what the challenge is. It ís more about sticking, planning it and mapping it out,  and achieving your goal.

6. Meditate.

The use of meditation can calm you and make you more aware. It helps to focus and center you. Many who meditate before bed require less sleep. Meditation has much to offer you on your self improvement journey. Trust me on this one it is most beneficiary not only for you mental health but also for your intestines and organs as you lower your stress level and the production of Cortisol hormone when unnecessary.

7. Join Toastmasters

It is always the right time to learn the art of public speaking, which is the number one fear of many according to documented “phobia”research. You can learn a lot about better communication, the best way to present yourself and how to communicate with others. Toastmasters is an international organization that trains people in the art of public speaking. Certainly there a other ways to learn this art as well, specialized courses, coaching and training tailored to the individual are taught all over the world.

There you have it, my “7 great tips that can help you with your self improvement”. 7 tips you likely haven’t  heard before. So what are you waiting for? Self improvement is an excellent undertaking and a great way to improve you for your own benefit.

Have a conscious day!