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New Year’s Resolution: 5 reasons to wait or put on hold.

With the New Year just behind us, you may have been making your New Year’s resolution. This is good, but did you know that you do not have to? Some experts encourage you to wait. Yes, some do actually do. Why is that? Why waiting with your New year’s resolution pays off! 1 – New…
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vegetarian health risks

Is there any proven evidence for vegetarian health risks?

Who would have thought that I would do another blog post on eating vegetarian or having a vegetarian lifestyle, but the reactions I got after my article on having a vegetarian Thanksgiving Day dictates, in my opinion, an extension on the matter concerning vegetarian health risks. Common sense I am not a medical doctor and…
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What food benefits your brain health?

These days there is much to do about the brain health. The actual things that may influence the general condition of your brain. Today I am going to address one area which, according to recent studies, is very worthwhile to keep your precious brain healthy…. Looking for a boost in performance and brain power? Then…
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