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Coping with criticism

One of the models I often use and teach in my communication keynote is about incorporating the usage of feedback. However, and I would like to emphasize this, not all feedback is criticism to get you down. Nevertheless, I get the feedback of my audience that coping with feedback is not always easy. For sure…
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Beware Not to Overspend!

Tricks Some Department Stores Use to Make You Overspend Let’s face it: a department store is in the business of making money. Whether it is through marking up their merchandise or getting you into the store to spend, retailers have one goal in mind and that is the bottom line: if you do not spend,…
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Quit Smoking

Why You Need to Stop Smoking Today?

Why You Need to Stop Smoking Today? It is still one of the most solicited subjects when people hear about my hypnosis skills. Do you do smoking cessation? Can you make me stop smoking? This led me into thinking having an article about stop smoking on this blog as after all, getting more healthy is…
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